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Sermon is from the larger abstract print series Microscopium.

small, closed edition of 11

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Microscopium is a series of small prints, rich in textures and organic forms that engage the viewer on multiple levels.  The images straddle representation and abstraction, containing concrete, familiar objects that are embedded in larger, more ambiguous landscapes.  Faces, tentacles, or shells from the ocean may reveal themselves only to disappear into a rain cloud, rocky ridge, or cellular structure. This combination of varied forms, vastly different in implied scale, causes the scenes to oscillate between a perceived microscopic and macroscopic view.  For example, amoebae may be discovered only to mutate into the raindrops of a cosmic explosion. Additionally, the viewer’s position is constantly questioned; it is possible to stand over the scene and peer down at what is afoot, gaze up at what drifts by, or perhaps stand completely separate.  Although these images are not static, and some convey a great sense of energy, they possess a quietness about them that instills a sense of repose.